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We offer comprehensive communications and information technology solutions to get your business fully empowered.

Wireless communications

EMCAN offers wireless connections supplies, designs, installations, and maintain network solutions for businesses all around KSA at the highest quality and cost efficiency levels.

Real-Time Tracking (RTLS)

EMCAN provides also real-time tracking solutions of persons and assets which helps:

  • Monitoring employees and assets
  • Run automatic rules on employees
  • Allow two-way communication service between staff and management

RTLS Architecture

EMCAN's RTLS architecture composes from Wifi Tags, Channel modelling, tuning, and vibration, RTLS controllers, and applications.

Types of available Wifi Tags:

  • Asset Tag: For obtaining and obtaining current position.
  • Wrist Wrap Tag: For obtaining and transmitting safety and health conditions.
  • Badge Tag: For displaying and messaging purposes
  • Virtual Tag: SW-based, used for messaging and displaying ads.


Broadband Access

EMCAN believes that broadband wireless systems are mainly needed in the Middle East area, hence it has always been a main supporter of broadband services based on OFDM technology.

EMCAN has deployed and operated thousands of broadband systems for many countries around the Middle East area since 2007, they were used for providing broadband access to remote areas in order to connect all parts of one business with high-quality communication channels.

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