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Contact Center

Full access to your customers

Get full access to your customers. EMCAN offers you all the means to manage you contacts via Email, chat, SMS, and social media the same way you manage the inbound and outbound voice interactions. 

EMCAN provides an efficient contact center solution that maximizes customers’ satisfaction and in the same time enables your agents deliver better services. EMCAN contact center is both time and work efficient, highly personalized, and helps building a respectable brand name able to gain customers’ total loyalty. 

Easier interactions through one interface

A single desktop interface which enables your agents to multi task. 

Support customers’ preferences

It’s proven that 82% of consumers prefer organizations which care about their personal preferences by funneling them through various communication channels. EMCAN offers you that to meet customers’ expectation. 

Perfect customer experience

Share customers’ experience details like customers history across contact channels to show them you do care and get higher appreciation. 

Higher agents’ productivity

EMCAN offers top-notch desktop interface that enables agents manage up to six different interaction types in the same time. 

Optimized customer experience

For sake of optimized customer experience, EMCAN offers an on-board reporting module that helps managing the contact center performance through more than 120 predefined real-time and historical reports, in addition to the customized reports. 

Integrate your business data

Integrate between the contact center data and your business data to help automate functions that were once manual. Combine between you contact center functions and automatic routing of tasks to improve customer experience. 

Easily manage your agents

Assign daily tasks, configure your agents, produce performance reporting, and manage contact flows, through only one single interface. 

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