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Gravity of healthcare service

The records and updates of patients in any healthcare organization is absolutely vital for ensuring offering complete treatment. Healthcare organization decisions are usually intertwined with life and death matters so they have to be supported by completely efficient data.

For this sake, a world-class information and communication technology infrastructure must be laid down to keep pace with the facility’s security, patients care, employees’ compliance, and data transmission.

EMCAN Solution

EMCAN starts its services by undertaking a thorough assessment to identify the client’s business proportions, then partners up with the client and adopts his goals and business targets on short-term and long-term.

Our team of engineers all well-aware with Saudi market updates, experienced in delivering top-notch ICT services, and totally accustomed to EMCAN standards of customer satisfaction. EMCAN ICT services include:

Unified Communication and Video Collaboration

High-quality mean of communication that links all parts of your business, eliminates distance, and ensures face-to-face communication.

Computing Solutions

It’s our privilege to deliver streamlined and optimized solutions totally smart and innovative made to perfectly fit your business proportions and show you the needed support.

Contact Center

Enables the connection with your customers through various means.

Data Center and Network

Work efficient, cost efficient, and time efficient storage and network structure that allows big data expansion.

Wireless Communication

Attach between all parts of your business, even if you have deserted facilities in remote locations, you can easily contact and peer-review their operations.

Business Process Automation

Automate all your phases of your business cycle to ensure operations efficiency.

Business Intelligence

Our detail oriented tools and systems helps gathering, storing, and leveraging data to support the decision-making process.

Hygiene Compliance

We offer world-class technologies that help ensuring your units’ hygiene compliance.

Enterprise Networking

State-of-art network structure binding between all your business departments to make sure they all keep pace.


After putting your business under scrutiny, we define the best management approach that can fit your organization’s proportions and ensures its smooth and seamless performance.

Planning & Budgeting

EMCAN delivers suitable plans and budgets that perfectly work with your business.

Big Data Analytics

EMCAN offers all needed tools and solutions that renders data storage and analysis to help you make the right decisions.

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